MOVEit Transfer Zero-day Vulnerabiity

If you have been watching the vulnerability space, you know by now about the MOVEit utility security issues. Just today, the news is breaking that several US government agencies have been affected.

We are strongly encouraging everyone to remediate this risk.

Cisco Security Advisory for Multiple Products

Cisco published two alerts for the following products. Please follow the steps to remediate them. For assistance, contact Patrick Boyd, Director of Operations by email, Patrick.Boyd@Cornerstone.IT or by phone at 646-530-8930

Critical Citrix Gateway and Citrix ADC Vulnerabilities

November 2022 continues strong with more cybersecurity vulnerabilities. If you are running Citrix Gateway and Citrix ADC, stop what you are doing and read this post. Please reach out to www.Cornerstone.IT with any questions. We are a Citrix Gold partner with decades of Citrix experience.

How Cyberattacks are Changing According to the New Microsoft Digital Defense Report

Cybercriminals are adding new layers of sophistication to their attacks, so staying ahead of these threats is more important than ever. Read the @Microsoft Digital Defense Report blog that contains input from over 8,500 security experts spanning 77 countries—including insights on the developing state of ransomware, malicious email, malware and more. Tell us if you’d like talk to one of our experts about how Cornerstone.IT can help you assess and mitigate risk in 2022.

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