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Lay the foundation of your technology with the hands of experience.
Does your firm’s technology meet the legal industry standard?

Customized strategies, plans, designs, and implementations that help give your attorneys a competitive edge.

Strategic IT Planning Consultants

Cloud Migration

Hybrid-Remote Infrastructure

Network Infrastructure

Document Management

Professional IT Services

Microsoft 365

Cybersecurity Vulnerability Management

Desktop Virtualization

Strategic IT Planning Consultants

Customized strategies, plans, and best practices

Why do you continue to pour time and money into inefficient IT?

The right IT strategy, planning, and best practices can be a competitive differentiator. Cornerstone.IT helps make your IT investment work for you.

Cornerstone.IT has helped hundreds of law firms and corporate legal departments with custom IT environments that have had a positive impact on revenue, productivity, and risk. If you are interested in providing exceptional services, Cornerstone can show you how to maximize your IT investment to deliver on your clients’ expectations by:

  • Providing a detailed review of your firm’s existing technology and processes
  • Assessing your firm’s IT pain points
  • Understanding your firm’s goals
  • Applying our Legal IT experience to create a customized strategic plan and technology roadmap
  • Integrating industry best practices
  • Recommending technologies and services that meet or exceed the legal industry standard

Cloud Migration

Empowering firms making the transition to cloud-based services

According to ILTA’s 2021 Technology Survey only 7% of law firms said they were not yet comfortable with cloud. Two myths that are critical to your firm’s success:

Cloud is not a solution for my firm.

Whether your firm is adopting a full remote or hybrid work model, cloud will be a critical part of your IT infrastructure strategy.

Any integrator can migrate my firm to the cloud.

The difference between a successful and a failed cloud migration is hundreds of hours of remediation.

Why Cornerstone.IT?

  • Trusted Legal IT services provider
  • Proven history of successful cloud migrations
  • Skilled at handling complex cloud migrations
  • Experience, expertise, and partnerships with cloud and third-party application providers
  • Microsoft Gold partner and Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) specializing in Azure Cloud and Microsoft 365 services
  • iManage Knowledge Work Platform and iManage Cloud
  • Citrix Gold Solution Advisor
  • Customized implementations to work the way your firm works
  • Security focused & NIST 800 171 compliant

Benefits of Migrating to the Cloud

  • Built-in Disaster Recovery
  • Reduce capital outlay for hardware and software
  • No need to power and support a computer room
  • Limit need for staff to maintain hardware and software
  • Scale (up or down) resources as needed
  • Microsoft built-in security and redundancy that most firms can’t build on their own

How We Get You to the Cloud

Strategic Planning

We learn about your firm’s goals and the way you work in order to align our design, implementation, and maintenance


  • We examine the status of your firm’s infrastructure
  • We consider events affecting your IT decision-making


We expertly build, configure, test, and cut over to the cloud.


Cornerstone.IT provides cutover and on-going Managed Services support so you can stay focused on your business

Network Infrastructure

Lay the foundation of your technology with the hands of experience

Cornerstone.IT has been designing and implementing customized network infrastructures since 2003.

We build holistic environments to keep your team collaborating and producing from anywhere.

Whether your work model is hybrid, remote, or on-premises we construct environments that include:

  • Uptime
  • Resiliency
  • Communication
  • Redundancy
  • Reliability

Designed with a focus on security

Maximize your security potential with Cornerstone.IT

  • Design, configuration, and support
  • Monthly updates to ensure your network has the latest security patches
  • Compliant with and adhere to NIST 800 171 standards

Hackers are constantly looking for holes in your network whether from across the internet or through your wireless network.

Built by experts

  • Highly trained engineers
  • Network infrastructure certifications
  • Skilled at building fast and reliable networks with secure connectivity whether you are in the office or remote.

Cybersecurity Vulnerability Management

Prevent & Protect

Today’s highly evolving threat landscape makes cybersecurity more complex than ever before. You can no longer get by with just “an ounce” of prevention. Your firm’s IT environment is exposed to vulnerabilities from all angles: network, operating system, human, and process.

We are fanatical about security patching 24/7

  • Obsessively applying security updates to our clients’ Windows and network infrastructures
  • Monitoring of security industry alerts to be aware of the latest vulnerabilities
  • Regular scanning of our clients’ networks to help prevent potential threats


While the goal is to never have to remediate, it is not a statistical truth. According to the study, “Psychology of Human Error” performed by Stanford University Professor Jeff Hancock and security firm Tessian, 88% of data breaches are caused by an employee mistake . Regardless of the tools in place and efforts made to prevent breaches, humans make mistakes. We partner with professional cybersecurity experts so that when an attack occurs, we can act swiftly to contain, investigate, and remediate the attack.

Our InfoSEC Team


Our InfoSEC team takes the time to learn about your network and how your firm works so they can better identify and investigate suspicious activity.

Available 24/7.

Our InfoSEC team is available when you need them. You won’t get caught up dealing with an automation system. You will speak directly with a qualified team member.


Our InfoSEC team undergoes continuous education.

Best Practices.

Our InfoSEC team follows the latest security protocols.

Document Management

Document, Email and Records Management Systems

Document production and management is the life blood of an attorney’s billable time. An attorney’s productivity and the firm’s profitability, are directly impacted by how well-designed and well-implemented their Document Management System is.

Cornerstone has been expertly designing and implementing DMS for law firms and corporate legal departments for almost 20 years.

We understand:

  • how attorneys work
  • how different practice areas work (litigation, bankruptcy, corporate, IP, M&A, etc.)
  • remote work, on-prem and cloud DMS systems
  • client matter security and ethical walls
  • how a DMS keeps an attorney productive

Attorneys need to be creating and managing their document work product. Cornerstone has the expertise and experience to successfully implement your document, email and records management systems.

Microsoft 365 Services

Configured to improve your firm’s email security

Exchange Online

Cornerstone.IT is a Microsoft Gold partner with a proven history of AMLAW 100 and AMLAW 200 firms Exchange Online migrations.

Our technical skills and understanding of third-party integration with Exchange Online

  • Frees you from maintaining email servers
  • Leverages Microsoft security and redundancy with Exchange Online
Professional IT Services


As a remote work company, Cornerstone.IT has been using the full suite of Microsoft Teams collaboration features in-house. We implement and have first-hand experience with Microsoft Teams:

  • Instant Messaging
  • Teams Telephony
  • Web Conferencing
  • Meetings & Webinars
  • Teams Channels
  • And so much more

Maximizing Your M365 Subscription

Whether your firm has the Business Premier or one of M365 Enterprise subscriptions, Cornerstone has a thorough understanding of what features are included in your subscription so you can take advantage of your firm’s investment.

Cornerstone helps you:

  • Purchase the plans that best fits your firm’s needs
  • Replace redundant 3rd party software
  • Implement security features included in your subscription
  • Improve user administration
  • Troubleshoot issues with M365 analytics

Maintaining your own hardware, software, and data center is complex and expensive.

Protecting your firm from data breaches requires reliability and security that most firms cannot build on their own.

Hybrid-Remote Infrastructure

Whatever your work model, we have the expertise to help your firm succeed

Hybrid-Remote Work Doesn’t Have to Be a Challenge

Why Cornerstone?

We were made for hybrid-remote work!

Brothers Tommy and Jim Moreo founded Conerstone.IT in 2003 as a hybrid – remote company. With a quarter century experience planning, designing, and implementing remote infrastructure we have become industry leaders. When 2020 challenged most firms, Cornerstone.IT and its clients continued business as usual.

Keep Your Attorneys Productive from Anywhere:

We design, configure, and test remote infrastructure with a focus on security, speed, and reliability – built to work the way your attorneys work.

Simplify Maintenance of Remote Devices

Cornerstone.IT Managed Services of on-premises and remote devices leverages Microsoft advanced management tools to keep desktops and laptops secure and up to date.

Whatever your work model, we have the expertise to help your firm succeed.

Desktop Virtualization

Increase attorneys’ productivity by giving continuity of user work experience from any location

Cornerstone.IT has successfully migrated firms of all sizes to virtual desktops. We analyze your business needs, how your attorneys like to work, and architect bespoke virtual desktop infrastructures that are familiar and secure to use. Designing a virtual desktop is a craft that Cornerstone.IT has mastered.

Benefits of Virtual Desktops (VDI)

Productive from Anywhere

  • Ideal for hybrid work
  • Increase productivity
  • Flexible – bring your own device (BYOD)
  • Standardized desktop – one desktop to rule them all
  • Centralized management – simplifies IT management
  • Built-in help desk and monitoring tools


  • Ability to restore data
  • Advanced analytics and threat monitoring
  • Limit attack surface
  • Easy multi-factor authentication (MFA) integration

Cornerstone specializes in VDI and customizing solutions to fit your needs. We invest in training our engineers to deliver the latest technologies to enhance your VDI experience.