3 Key Resources to Accelerate Your Passwordless Journey

When it comes to password use, the risks outweigh the benefits. It's time your organization started looking at password alternatives that are both highly secure and convenient. Read the @Microsoft blog and contact Cornerstone.IT for a free consultation from one of our security experts. #MicrosoftSecurity #Passwordless

3 Key Resources to Accelerate Your Passwordless Journey2022-05-30T12:37:49-04:00

Going Beyond Passwords

Passwordless Authentication simply means MFA without a password: authenticating with other methods other than a password, such as biometrics, one-off email, or phone verification. MFA is often thought of as a second factor -in addition to a password- typically tied to a phone and approved with a phone call, push, or temporary numerical code. But MFA is more than that.

Going Beyond Passwords2021-11-15T06:35:42-05:00