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ILTACON 2018 Cornerstone.IT Legal Technology Experts

For 15 years, Cornerstone Information Technologies, LLC has been a leading provider of technology services to the legal industry. Not only do we understand the legal technology industry, but we understand how attorneys use the technology to stay productive and profitable.

Cornerstone.IT specializes in providing attorneys the tools they need to be as productive as possible. Our team recognizes that attorneys do not need to be technology experts – they need to be able to create, edit, compare, find and file their work product. They need to access their work product from anywhere at anytime.

From small firms to the AmLaw 100, Cornerstone.IT has worked with a variety of law offices to design the systems that meet their specific requirements. We assist with security compliance for your financial services clients and can help you safely move your work product and internal systems to a cloud platform.

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