Managed Services

Cornerstone Information Technologies’ managed IT support services save you time and headaches.
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Our staff is trained to anticipate potential problems so your system operates smoothly.

How Can An IT Managed Services Company Help You?


Cornerstone.IT’s robust monitoring system actively observes your network and keeps your system healthy. We closely watch your critical technology and assess the performance of each piece of hardware and software to ensure your resources are not being overloaded. Our managed IT support services identify potential problems before they become real issues.

Our alert system notifies us if your system’s health is failing, so we can proactively fix the problem. Our 24/7 support staff is dedicated to troubleshoot and resolve potential issues before they affect your end users!


On a monthly basis or as needed, we remotely connect to your system, install updates and security patches and restart the system for you. Our post-update testing and applicable fixes ensure everything is working properly.


We provide the following security services:

  • Security awareness training
  • Risk Assessment
    • Personal Identifiable Information (PII) Search including HIPAA and GDPR
    • Identify who has access to sensitive data
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Artificial Intelligent/Machine Learning Malware Detection


We are available 24/7 – if something breaks, call us. Unlike many IT managed services companies, Cornerstone.IT provides guaranteed response times to managed services customers. We often serve as second-level or third-level support for your critical systems, and if your staff is not familiar with a particular technology, we can augment them by providing our expertise. Contact us. Someone is always there when you need help.

Licensing and Asset Management

Let our managed IT support services handle the details. We will track your hardware and software, ensuring that your licensing and contracts are always current. With our help, your up-to-date contracts will guarantee technical support and replacement parts when needed. If you acquire another firm, we will consult with your software licensing to secure any additional licenses for compliance.

Cornerstone Watch℠ – After Hours Network Monitoring

Does the status of your network keep you up at night?
Cornerstone Watch is an economical monitoring solution that keeps an eye on your network and server infrastructure, 24-7. If a system is down, or you have a network outage, our team can open a ticket for you, monitor the process, and keep you updated until the problem is solved.

Why stress about your network after work, on the weekend, or during your holidays?

Contact us today to keep your free time worry free!

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