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Webinar: XenDesktop 7.5 Components and Features

Find out what’s new in virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) with the latest version of XenDesktop. Discover best practices for implementing a physical desktop look and feel on your virtual desktops. Learn how to build your infrastructure and desktops for optimal performance and speed to give your users the best possible product without costly add-on software.

Are your current Citrix users complaining about unexplained slowness? The ability to observe, diagnose and improve the performance of business-critical applications is essential to ensuring a positive user experience and maintaining the highest level of employee productivity. Learn how to use the “out of box” features of Desktop Director and NetScaler Insight — included with your Citrix license — to monitor and troubleshoot these slow connection issues and end your user complaints.

We’ll help you fine-tune what you already have or get you on the right track for your new and successful VDI desktop.

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