Let Cornerstone Information Technologies, LLC help you get the most out of your physical server investments and take advantage of your hypervisor’s dynamic resource scheduling (DRS) capabilities. Server virtualization services will allow you to pool your resources across multiple physical servers, so when one server is overloaded or offline, your virtual servers will shift, running on the servers that are underutilized or online.

Cost Efficiency

Server virtualization allows you to run multiple versions of a server operating system on one physical server, so you get the most of your hardware investment. Instead of spending $20,000 on a server and only using five percent of its capabilities with one operating system, with server virtualization you can install 10 operating systems on one system, using most if not all of its resources – both the memory and the CPU.


Cornerstone.IT supports the three major server virtualization vendors – Dell’s VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix’s XenServer. Our engineers have years of experience with these products, and their expertise will guarantee your hypervisors run smoothly. We work with industry-leading SAN vendors such as Dell EMC, HPE Nimble, Cisco UCS, NetApp and Sandisk Fusion-io. We also support web services’ hypervisors.

Disaster Protection

With Cornerstone.IT’s server virtualization services, you can be assured your disaster recovery system will work when you need it. Using products like VMWare’s site recover manager (SRM), Cornerstone.IT can orchestrate and regularly test disaster recovery failover so it is ready when you need it. If there is a real disaster, you can be confident that your failover will run smoothly.  Also, be sure to include desktop virtualization in your disaster recovery plans so your staff can work from anywhere when your primary data center is down.