Virtual Desktop Solutions

I have had the opportunity to work with the Cornerstone IT team on a number of significant and complex projects from a data center move, Exchange 2013 implementation to a complete overhaul of our Citrix/VDI platform. They are a trusted business partner.
– Los Angeles CIO

Instead of personal computers at each desk, Cornerstone.IT will virtualize desktops to a data center so all employees can connect virtually anywhere. Users will receive the same experience in every location. IT staff only need to maintain one desktop image, instead of hundreds of PCs, simplifying desktop maintenance and administration.

Don’t trust your desktop virtualization to just anyone. As a Citrix Gold partner and desktop virtualization experts, Cornerstone Information Technologies, LLC has many years of experience with VDI solutions. We’ve seen it all and know the causes of a sluggish, poorly performing Citrix system. Don’t settle for a mediocre system. Our seasoned staff can skillfully solve your problems and create a virtual desktop solution that will exceed your expectations.

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With physical desktops, users need to save their work and log out, then log into a new desktop when working remotely. Their remote desktop will appear visually different and will not have the full capabilities of what is on their office desktop. However, desktop virtualization allows employees to have mirror capabilities and pick up right where they left off, whether walking into a conference room or jumping on the train.

Disaster recovery is also made simpler with desktop virtualization. A power outage in your office does not mean loss of productivity. A VDI solution, running in a secure data center outside of the office, will allow all users to continue to work productively from another office or home.

We work with Citrix’s XenDesktop and XenApp, providing our clients with a powerful, feature-rich platform that offers both great scalability and an excellent user experience. Citrix utilizes a highly developed universal print driver and its own profile management system that minimizes printing and profile-related calls to the help desk, allowing the IT team to focus its time on other projects. With the XenDesktop virtual desktop solution, users can securely access their desktop remotely using any device anywhere in the world.

Application Virtualization

Application management and deployment is a time-consuming process, regardless of your location. But how else can an organization efficiently deliver and maintain its desktop applications? The answer: Citrix’s XenApp application virtualization.

XenApp provides tools to effectively manage and deliver applications to your end users, regardless of your location. It seamlessly delivers both streamed and published applications to any user, on any operating system. New applications can be rolled out quickly and seamlessly, allowing for a flexible deployment model. Applications can be easily published to desktops and other devices in a hassle-free manner.

XenApp also simplifies license management utilizing robust management consoles and granular policy settings that alert administrators when a license threshold is reached.

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