Protect Your Firm in 2024

Manage Cyber Risk by Owning the Outcome through Effective Outsourcing

Join Arctic Wolf and Cornerstone.IT for a webinar on
Tuesday, January 9th – 11:30AM to 12:30PM ET.

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Event Details

Join Cornerstone.IT and Arctic Wolf for this crucial presentation preparing you for the likelihood and impact of a cyber incident your firm could face in 2024. Patrick Boyd, Cornerstone.IT’s Director of Operations and Ben Bitterman, Vice President of Commercial Sales from Arctic Wolf will discuss proactive ways to effectively mitigate and transfer your cyber risk through proper planning and outsourcing. Feel confident in owning the outcome for your organization!

  • The changing cyber insurance dynamics and ransomware threats that every law firm should be aware of.
  • Why traditional security measures are no longer sufficient in today’s threat landscape.
  • Security measures cyber insurance providers and clients expect firms to have in place.
  • How to stay ahead of cyber-attacks and protect your firm’s data and clients’ data.

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