EOL for iManage DeskSite, FileSite, and IDOL Indexer – 2 Part Blog Post

by Denise Robles, Senior Systems Engineer, Cornerstone.IT

September 20, 2021 – this article was last updated June 8, 2023

December 2023 End-of-Life for iManage Classic Clients DeskSite & FileSite. Limited Support for the IDOL Indexer Has Been Updated to December 31, 2024

What You Need to Know

On September 8, 2021, iManage announced end-of-life dates (EOL) for its classic clients DeskSite and FileSite. In May of 2023, iManage announced that IDOL Indexer is currently in “Support Mode,” with limited support through December 31, 2024.

Why the change?

The decision was due to the introduction and successful adoption of iManage Work 10. iManage will be focusing on its continued development and progress of the Work 10 interface and its security, features and platform improvements.

What is being retired?

iManage is retiring all versions of the iManage classic clients and add-ons, including:

  • iManage DeskSite
  • iManage FileSite
  • iManage OffSite
  • Module for Email Management (EMM) for Outlook (now integrated with Work 10 client)
  • iManage Express Search and Miner
  • iManage DealBinder Add-On
  • iManage FileShare (iManage Share still available)
  • iManage IDOL Indexer Server – is currently in “Support Mode” with limited support through December 31, 2024.

iManage defines the various levels of product support as follows:

Maintenance Mode: As of the date of this notice (Sept. 8, 2021) the products listed above are in “Maintenance Mode”, meaning no new enhancements, new platform support or features will be added to these products. Software fixes or patches will only be issued for Priority 1 (P1) and security or data corruption level issues as defined by iManage support policies.

(Updated as of May 2023)
End-of-Support (EOS): Beginning December 29, 2023, iManage will no longer take support requests for the retired components and historical versions of the mentioned applications. In May of 2023, iManage announced that IDOL Indexer is in “Support Mode with limited support with limited support through December 31, 2024.

(Updated as of May 2023)
End-of-Life: All support articles, documentation, and software downloads for the retired components and historical versions of the applications mentioned will be removed from the Help Center (help.imanage.com) after December 29, 2023.

December 2023 End-of-Life for iManage Classic Clients DeskSite and FileSite. Limited Support for IDOL Indexer Has Been Updated to December 31, 2024

What You Need to Know, & Actions to Take

What this means to you and what you need to do.

Start planning now for your move to the Work 10 environment to ensure the success of your future document management system.

Upgrade Your On-Prem Servers

If you are still running Work 9.x Servers and plan to stay On-Prem, you will want to plan your upgrade to the Work 10 Server components to fully utilize the Work 10 Client. This will include your DMS Server, Communication Server and a newly added Preview Server.

You will want to confirm that all third-party integrations (e.g., PDF utilities, Document Comparison, Numbering, Template and/or Document ID tools, etc.) are upgraded and fully compatible with the Work 10 Desktop Client.

Additionally, if you are still utilizing the Work IDOL Indexer and plan to stay On-Prem, you should start planning to upgrade to the RAVN Indexer soon, giving you enough time to successfully upgrade before the end of 2023.

Or… Move to the Cloud

The best option is to move to iManage Cloud where the Work 10 Server components and iManage AI indexer upgrades will be part of your migration. Cornerstone’s team of engineers can work with you and iManage to successfully move your data and documents to the Cloud.

Upgrade Your Client

If you are a customer using any version of the classic client, we recommend that you start planning your transition to iManage Work 10 Desktop today.

Work 10 Desktop Client (both for Windows and Mac OS) is a fully functional Work 10 web interface with connections to Microsoft Applications and Adobe Acrobat products. Microsoft Outlook has a direct interface with Work 10 Desktop that can be used independent of the web client. The Email Management (EMM) toolbar is now packaged with the Web 10 Client and has the full functionality you experienced in the past.

Some of the perks of using Work 10 Desktop are remote access to iManage documents (with additional security), co-authoring (which is becoming commonplace in the legal community) and enhanced searching tools. New Work 10 workflows of Trash and Journaling give users more control of their work environment by allowing for file deletion and restoration. Additionally, iManage is planning an expansion of their Work 10 accessibility by adding integration to Microsoft Teams.

End User Training

You may want to consider end-user training to introduce and educate users about the newer Work 10 Desktop Client. Many of the features will be familiar and the users should be able to hit the ground running. But, since the Work 10 client is different and does include new features, it is recommended that users have access to training or educational videos so that they can understand and fully utilize all that Work 10 has to offer to be the most productive.

Several Cornerstone clients are currently upgrading or have already upgraded to both Work 10 Server and Work 10 Desktop and most have opted to move to the iManage Cloud platform entirely.

Cornerstone.IT can assist with the transition to iManage Work 10 in the Cloud or On-Prem, and help with your server design, build, and data migration. Schedule a call with one of our CSAs or request a free demo of iManage Work 10.