If you are considering buying Citrix licenses, please read.

As of October 1, 2020, Citrix will be switching to a subscription only licensing model. Support and renewals for existing perpetual licenses will continue to be honored. Any new perpetual licenses must be purchased by 9/30/2020. After that, licenses will be on-premises subscription or cloud subscription only.

Here are a few things to consider if you currently own Citrix perpetual licenses.

How will my current Citrix licenses be affected?

Existing Citrix customers that own licenses can continue to renew their licenses.  Additional licenses bought after 9/30/2020 will be sold as either on-premise subscription or cloud subscription only.  A recent Citrix blog post states the following for existing customers who own perpetual licenses:

Customer Success Services: Existing customers who own perpetual licenses will be able to continue to renew maintenance — Customer Success services — on their existing licenses. (There are no changes being announced to Customer Success as part of this announcement.)

Perpetual Licenses: Existing customers can purchase additional perpetual licenses until September 30, 2020. All quotes and orders should be processed prior to October 1 to ensure processing.

On-Premises Solutions: Citrix continues to invest in our on-premises and cloud solutions. Customers can purchase both on-premises and cloud solutions in a subscription model, as announced by Citrix in June 2020.

Hybrid Rights: Existing Citrix customers looking to transition from their on-premises Citrix solution to Citrix’s cloud services have the added benefit of hybrid rights, giving existing customers the option to run their solution as an on-premises deployment or cloud service for the duration of their transition period.

What are the main advantages of subscription-based licensing?

Citrix subscription-based licensing will lower your initial upfront costs for new licenses. Citrix is also offering a 20% discount if you purchase a 3-year subscription license or a 20% discount on Citrix Analytics.

So, what happens after September 30, 2020?

  • You will no longer be able to purchase new perpetual licenses
  • You will have the option to only purchase on-premise or cloud subscription licenses
  • You can migrate your existing perpetual licenses to a cloud-based licensing model

Example of how pricing will change for Virtual Apps and Desktop Premium edition Concurrent Users:

Perpetual License – $600/user plus $150/user for annual support ($750/user for first year, $150/user for following years)

On-Prem Subscription – $415/user annually (includes support)

Cloud Subscription – $660/user annually (includes support, 25 license minimum)

Note: Prices are MSRP.

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