Amy Russo

Director of Administration

As the Director of Administration, Amy Russo is instrumental in shaping Cornerstone.IT’s unique approach to recruitment and induction. She joined Cornerstone’s marketing team in 2014, leveraging her years of expertise as an art director and graphic designer in the publishing sector. As the company grew, Amy supported human resources and found her calling.

In collaboration with Art DeLorenzo, a consultant from Maximize Your Talent, and the late co-founder of Cornerstone, Thomas Moreo, PhD, Amy has been pivotal in setting up the company’s human resources department which follows Moreo’s 9-Step Employee Engagement program. This department blends modern strategies and emotional intelligence awareness to foster a harmonious work-life balance.

Cornerstone boasts an exceptional employee retention rate, indicating Amy’s effective leadership. She ensures that each member has a platform to voice themselves and be heard as well as be valued and recognized for their unique skills and perspectives. Amy firmly believes that happy employees are the key to satisfied customers.
In addition to her human resources responsibilities, Amy has played a significant role in the company’s adherence to industry standards, best practices, and certifications, including NIST 800-171.

Amy holds a bachelor’s degree in fine arts with a focus on Graphic Design from the University of Connecticut. As a certified Kolbe Consultant, she is trained in identifying individuals’ natural strengths in the work environment and aims to facilitate awareness around individual differences, for better organizational communication, morale, and workflow.

Amy loves connecting with nature and expressing her creativity during her free time.