How much hardware will I need to order? What about software? And then there’s installation. Will my firm need maintenance, as well?

We understand – planning your annual budget is stressful. It’s also time-consuming. Researching the best of everything and the pricing can make your head spin. Squeezing in annual planning while managing the IT needs of a busy office can be too much to handle. So, what should you do?

A great way to get an understanding of what you will and won’t need in the coming year is to start by asking yourself the following ten questions:

  1. How am I securing mobile applications and data on mobile devices?
  2. How can I leverage Microsoft Azure for production or disaster recovery systems?
  3. Will my Citrix system support my firm during a disaster?
  4. Can my remote users access their document management system easily and securely?
  5. What am I missing in my Office 365 migration?
  6. Are all my applications ready for Windows 10? Do they support SAML authentication?
  7. Do I have a security awareness training program in place?
  8. How am I governing and disposing of old data?
  9. Is my monitoring system proactively alerting me to potential problems?
  10. When was the last time I scanned both my external and internal systems for security vulnerabilities?

Still overwhelmed? Cornerstone.IT can help with the research and provide you with an analysis that includes all appropriate options. We can even purchase, install, upgrade and provide maintenance.

Proper planning now will pay off in the year.

Call us today to get started.

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