The Risk in Not Changing

by Jim Moreo

The saying, “no one likes change” is ubiquitous. Whether it is used about people’s reluctance to technology changes or used in our personal lives about old habits, most people do not like change.
In general, change represents a risk. Risk is something many of us prefer to avoid because Risk is risky! “It is safer to not take the risk” is an innate tendency for most humans being.
However, there is risk in not changing, especially in the business technology world. Everyday, every minute of every day, IT professionals are working to make technology better. That better technology is usually making businesses more productive as well as putting the older technology out of business. It is easy to get stuck in the “this is how we have always done it” mentality because it is what we know, it is what we are comfortable doing. Unfortunately, companies that do not change rarely survive. Compare two companies, Kodak and Intel. An engineer at Kodak, once the leader in their industry, invented the first digital camera. Unfortunately, the company decided not to change and stayed focused on their old film technology. Today, Kodak is a fraction of the company they once were. Take Intel, as soon as they put out a new product, they are developing the next product that will put their own product out of business. Intel is the world leader of microprocessors. Think about what you do everyday and how you can change to make it better because not changing is risky.
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