The Latest Advances in HP Cloud Document and Email Management

Cornerstone.IT – Come learn about the latest advances in HP Cloud document and email management. HP’s new hybrid model, which allows for both cloud and on-premise documents, is now available — giving you a choice between the full HP Cloud solution and the HP Cloud hybrid model. Both models will give you the ability to maintain full control over your information, while outsourcing the hosting, upgrades and maintenance of your infrastructure. We will cover the benefits of both the pure cloud and new hybrid models, helping you choose the right solution for your needs.

The hybrid model enables you to keep in your data center those client documents that cannot be stored in the cloud, while placing the remaining documents in the HP Cloud. Your firm can still reap the benefits of the low-to-no-maintenance cloud model, with HP maintaining your infrastructure for both in-house and cloud documents. WorkSite in the cloud is also available with MS Office 365 and leading legal tools for document creation, comparison, metadata scrubbing and matter-centric administration. Documents are stored in HP’s certified and highly secure data centers with your own private stack.


Jim Moreo, the Principal of Cornerstone.IT, has been delivering leading edge IT services to law firms for over 20 years and has helped numerous firms align their business and financial goals with their technology infrastructure, maximizing value and productivity. Jim’s strategic vision and tactical operations experience allow Cornerstone to serve the best interests of its customers by delivering unparalleled and uncompromised IT services, and the company’s mission to provide honest, dependable and professional services is a direct reflection of his leadership. Jim has been presenting at ILTA/LawNet conferences for over 20 years.

Lisa Stone is Cornerstone’s Lead Systems Engineer, and has been an IT professional for over 10 years. She is a Citrix Certified XenDesktop Engineer with extensive experience in building virtual desktop infrastructure, application integration, group policy management and document management implementation. Lisa is also a Certified HP WorkSite Document Management Engineer, and has considerable experience with training end users and IT professionals. Her ever-expanding breadth of technical expertise and unwavering dedication to clients represent the core of Cornerstone’s vision.

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