Should you be considering Windows Upgrade as a Managed Service?

Listen in as Jim Moreo, Principal of Cornerstone.IT explains.

We are thrilled to introduce our video series, “We get IT!”,
a user-friendly guide for the IT Director. In this video, Jim Moreo Principal and co-founder of Cornerstone.IT speaks about Windows Upgrade as a Managed Service and why firms should be considering it as part of their IT lifecycle.

The video answers the following questions:
  1. What is Windows Upgrade as a Managed Service and how does it help firms?
  2. Why is it important to keep your Windows 10 operating system up to date?
  3. What does a typical update cycle look like?
  4. How do we keep the applications and operating system up to date post build? 
We hope you find this helpful.  If you are interested in any other topics, please contact customer.first@cornerstone.IT —  Be sure to check out our resources page – we are constantly updating it. 
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