“Keeping It Secure” Session Stands out at LegalSEC Summit 2015

Allow access to external sites?  The answer is yes and you can do it securely.

Read what PinHawk’s Jeff Brandt has to say:

“My hands down favorite session yesterday was “Keeping It Secure: Provide the Internet in a Bubble.” Judi Flournoy, Chief Information Officer at Kelley Drye & Warren, proved once again why she is a lady worth listening to (and not just because she passed the ball to her Director of Information Technology Thomas Nohs for some of the more tech questions but because she’s doing some different and fascinating things). Lisa Stone and Thomas Moreo from Cornerstone Information Technologies, rounded out the panel discussing the very interesting things they’ve helped Kelley Drye do.”

If you were not able to attend the LegalSEC session on June 8th, 2015 and are faced with the dilemma of whether or not to allow staff access to unmonitored sites, then read on.

Keeping It Secure:  Provide the Internet in a Bubble

With rising security concerns, many law firms are deploying policies that prohibit access to popular websites like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn. These policies are required due to all the system vulnerabilities (viruses, peering, malware, etc.) associated with these and other sites. Kelley Drye & Warren LLP overcame this limitation by providing the firms’ users access to a separate browser that “sandboxes” any suspicious activity. With this technology, the browser can load “unsecure” websites without compromising internal network security. This concept of providing the Internet in a bubble has given users the access they desire without compromising the firm’s security. Hear more about these developments and how you can implement them at your organization.

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