Time to Be Creative

by Jim Moreo — Principal, Cornerstone.IT

Anchor's Up in Malapascua by Marc Robinsone Caballero
photo credit: Marc Robinsone Caballero

During this unprecedented time, I have heard many people say, “I have lost track of what day it is.”

This is understandable. When we cannot socialize or travel, we get stuck repeating the same routine and lose track of time.

This repetition is tedious and dulls creativity.

It is important to counter the ennui by thinking“outside the box”.

It is too easy to get stuck in front of our computers, chipping away at tasks until the day is over. I recommend breaking up the workday with activities like taking a walk, working on a hobby, exercising, or reading a book.

Taking your mind and body away from work improves productivity and creativity.

photo: beach tables in Bali (by marcrobinsone)

It is equally important to take the time to work on tasks that are not urgent but are important. For example, we may have an urgent task that takes a few days to complete every month but that same task could be completed more quickly if we took the time to clean up the process.

Take the time, now that we have time, to be more creative and work on important tasks that will make your jobs more efficient.

Be well and make it a creative day.

photo: Malapascua dog surprise (by marcrobinsone)

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