An ILTA Podcast Series,
Episode #6

An ILTA Podcast — Work From Home, the Human Element
ILTA staff and Tommy Moreo discuss the human side of working from home

COVID-19 forced service companies to change their productivity model on the fly. At first, priority was the technology that would allow their workforce to be productive from anywhere, as discussed in Episode #1 “Work from Home, the Technical Side”. Listen in to Tommy Moreo, PhD Organizational Psychology as he discusses the most essential element of work from home, the human impact.

Tommy Moreo has implemented Emotional Intelligence and Cultural Intelligence programs at Cornerstone and has consulted with businesses on this matter. Cornerstone.IT was founded on the principal of providing a better work-life balance and has been productively working remote for over seventeen years. Tommy’s programs are at the core of Cornerstone’s exceptional employee retention rate.

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