iManage Introduces Control Center (iCC) with its release of Work Server 9.5

Cornerstone.IT - iManage Partnership

CORNERSTONE.IT partner iManage has strengthened its core service with the introduction of iManage Control Center (ICC) in its latest upgrade, WORK SERVER 9.5. CONTROL CENTER’s responsive user interface allows administrators to implement program features in the iManage Cloud or on-site for any device.

The new iManage CONTROL CENTER does what its name implies: it gives managers greater control without sacrificing security.   System administrators can now be given access to specific levels of operation without having access to ALL the content.  The program allows users to do more with out-of-the box tools, including new templates to easily structure engagements.

iCC provides a responsive UI and enables administrators to manage their implementation in the iManage Cloud or on-premise from any device. It enables you to administer users, groups, and roles; configure custom metadata values; and set up system settings for document types, classes, applications, and captions. In addition, it allows pertinent administrative actions for documents, such as checking-in, unlocking or evaluating user’s access of documents. The interface is designed to make it much easier to perform these tasks with the ability to perform functions such as multiple entities and search/filter to find the specific entity (or entities) for a task that needs action.

Please contact us with any questions.  We are here to help.

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