I had the opportunity to participate in iManage’s annual partner conference. As anticipated, the event was abuzz with discussions about iManage’s newly introduced Artificial Intelligence (AI) services.

I was particularly impressed by iManage’s pragmatic and secure approach to integrating AI services into its Knowledge Work Platform.

The AI-Enhanced Knowledge Work Platform

iManage, capitalizing on its strong partnership with Microsoft and the Azure-based cloud platform, ensures that all AI services and related processing remain within the iManage platform. This means that for law firms utilizing iManage’s AI services, their clients’ data stays secure within their iManage platform.

At present, a select number of services are available, each tailored to augment workflow and boost productivity. We can expect the release of additional native iManage and third-party services later this year.

Classification & Enrichment for Work

This feature enables automatic detection and classification of over 60 document types, extracts pertinent information specific to each document type, and applies it as metadata in the document. This results in more precise searches, improved answers, and enhanced information governance and retention. iManage has notably expanded the number of metadata fields, enhancing the ability to extract and curate information for their Insight+ knowledge management. They are also regularly adding new document types.

Mailbox Assistant

This tool uses AI to automate and streamline tasks like email filing and saving attachments, thereby improving individual productivity, knowledge retention, and governance. No desktop software is required, and the end user will receive a daily email suggesting where to file emails and attachments. One of its use cases includes filing all emails of a lawyer who has left the firm.

Ask iManage

is a natural language assistant that allows users to ask questions about a set of documents, and helps users find specific answers and data points within documents. For example, a user could execute a search to identify all contracts with a specific vendor, then extract vital information like contract terms and parties, all in seconds, without needing to review the entire contact. Ask iManage also automates time-consuming tasks like summarizing and comparing documents and enables users to take action and launch workflows with tools like Microsoft Power Automate or iManage Tracker.


is a curated library of the firm’s best practices, document templates, precedents, checklists, and more. It aids legal professionals in delivering high-quality work products swiftly by leveraging a curated knowledge base of precedents and best practices documents. Insight+ provides a library for knowledge managers to collect institutional knowledge and trusted and approved standards. For the firm’s leadership, Insight+ prepares the firm to harness the benefits of AI.

iManage Integration with Microsoft Copilot

Coming Soon – iManage will introduce an integration with Microsoft Copilot that enables users to leverage both applications to drive productivity, while content stays secure and governed in the iManage platform. iManage’s AI Enrichment document classification will enable Microsoft customers to leverage Copilot’s generative AI capabilities more effectively, while Ask iManage will connect users to the detailed and curated content saved in the iManage platform.

Microsoft’s Power Automate

will serve as an excellent complementary application to iManage’s AI platform. It will integrate with webhooks and initiate workflows based on client matters, document classes, and more, further streamlining and automating the knowledge work process.

Additional Details and Updates at ConnectLive 2024

More information about iManage’s AI-powered knowledge work platform will be available at ConnectLive in NYC (May 29- 30) and London (June 20th).

I will be attending ConnectLive NYC and would be happy to speak with you there.

View iManage Webcast “AI for the New World of Work: Update and Roadmap for iManage AI”